Saturday, April 28, 2007

today`s gnosis.

i know few things with absolute certainty.

the one thing that i know with absolute certainty is that we all see pictures in our heads and hear voices.

the traditional religious and psychiatric postion on this is that these are hallucinations and/or demons.


so we show ourselves pictures that sometimes move in rich detail with a soundtrack and we hear voices and we even talk to ourselves as well.

and we are in control of the process.

the debate you are now having in your mind is all the proof you need.

more proof is how your memory replays scenarios that are re-enactments of things you experienced.

and the list goes on.

once you embrace this process as natural and vital to the human experience you can begin to pick and choose which movies and which soundtracks you run and when.

because your entire life is a reaction to the ones you`ve been watching so far.

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Dave said...

Good post.... Agree almost 100%, except the only thing I know with absolute certainty is that "I" see pictures in my head and hear voices. I think others do too but can "never" be certain since I do not live there :) No matter how many times they tell me - I just can't be positive. Maybe their lying to me; those bastards!