Friday, April 27, 2007

the spritual path.

the spiritual path is not one of obligation to others.

it is to development of the self.

to an understanding of what it means to be alive and at peace in a storm of consciousness.

so many in the "new age" are asking how we can help eachother, yet are in turmoil personally.

you cannot begin to work with others effectively without being aware of dealing with your own stuff first.

if everyone could begin to become slightly more self-aware we wouldn`t be charging around attempting to do good things out of ego so much.

how can i tell the difference?

interesting question.

mostly by the arguements people have in protecting thier ego positions.

a simple observation helps me somewhat.

i noticed that there are always efforts afoot to help the poor in other countries and disaster relief funds enjoined, yet there are still poor and hungry and abused and confused and lonely people here right on our own doorstep..........

and people are unable to help them.

in fact people get angry and defensive if you suggest that we should.

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