Saturday, April 21, 2007

What kind of divinity training are you going for?

only a person caught up in the appearances of accreditation would ask such a question.

and for those nothing is ever enough......................

my divinity is a certain knowledge in what i have felt since i was a child.

the thing that this sorry sad world lacks.

the capacity to love.

immutable and simple.

not creatable or destroyable or even changable in any way.

it is the thing that brings us all here and makes towers shoot up into the sky and makes planes fly.

the laws of men bind us in judgement and find fault in the slightest thing.

then it makes it easy to deny love when it`s right there in front of you smiling.

so........nail me to the cross if you will.

it won`t stop your pain.

sorry i woke you from your sleep.


Anonymous said...

'sorry i woke you from your sleep.'

Apology accepted.
-Anonymous #1

dr.alistair said...

then my next post won`t apply to you then.......

i hope.