Saturday, April 21, 2007

would you accept my apology?

no, i think not.

in fact i`m certain that you won`t.

because you couldn`t stand to let go of the anger for a moment to feel something like human frailty and accept forgiveness.

my forgiveness.

and why do i know this?

because you are me.

because the anger is the thing that props you up and protects you from the pain of the pain.

and the phony world of words that allows the judgement you proclaim.

the pain of the pain.

you know what i mean.

if not for that surging anger, what would be left?


Anonymous said...

'if not for that surging anger, what would be left?'

-Anonymous #1

dr.alistair said...

well anon 1, as we learn to let go of anger and open up, we can then let go of attachment also.

it is the attachment that causes the problems in the first place.

obligation, expectation, conscience........

conditioned by society.

it is culture that suffers when we transcend.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Hmmm! It does hurt to let go of your anger when someone wrongs you. Anger makes you feel big and powerful, betrayal makes you feel small and weak.

Forgiveness. A lot of people think it means that you ignore things and act like they didn't happen. I used to think that, I don't anymore. Sometimes you forgive people but still need to call them on their shit. To constantly accept unacceptable behavior from another doesn't help them grow.

BBC said...

You need to give it more time.

dr.alistair said...

bill, time? i have no expectations.

blue eyes, ignoring things isn`t the way to go, but niether is holding things against someone.

it`s a process.

i will generalise here and say that most just want to preserve the anger.

it`s all they know.