Friday, April 27, 2007


two hours of running after a soccer ball is the best therapy imaginable.

i am healed.

i can`t walk mind you, but i am healed.


BBC said...

Yes, you are healed, for about two hours.

It seems that you have been dating some very attractive women?

This begs the question.

Why are attractive women dating a broke skunk ugly monkey like you? Are you making that dating crap up? Or are the women there that hard up?

No offense, but I dare you to approve this comment. Hell, I wouldn't date you unless you had big boobs.

Umm, and no dick.

dr.alistair said...

i wonder the same thing.

funny old world.

`NEFTY said...

It's good to find healthy ways to relieve stress. Congrats:]

dr.alistair said...

yes it is.

and nefty, welcome to the hypgnosys. it`s always nice to see a new face.

it is interesting that in our society people take on hobbies and pastimes only to become stressed by them too.

for me soccer is an absolute joy. and the ball goes in the net occasionally too......

`NEFTY said...

Yes, it is good to get the ball in the net lol.

dr.alistair said...

and i think i will be able to walk again soon.
two starbucks coffees helped.