Friday, October 09, 2009

again it becomes a struggle between conscience and consciousness.

consciousness is the state of being aware.

we are going inside and talking to ourselves about what it is that we know about everything.

this is what it means to be alive and awake.

i thik, therefore i am.

without this process there is no life. just a deep sleep.

conscience on the other hand, is a crated state whereby we feel that we have to do something to effect change.

conscience is created by adults and children teaching children to feel repsonsible for others and for things.

it seems as if this is a good thing, one that would ensure that everyone is safe and sound, but this is clearly wrong, because everyone isn`t.

why does this happen, when everyone is looking out for everyone else?

because nobody is looking after the self.

the self goes lacking while we try our best to help and take care of others.

and we wonder why we fail.

what is the answer then?

find yourself.

know yourself.



charity starts at home.

someone once said that....i can`t remember who.

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