Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rights and freedom of expression.

we have our rights and we have the freedom to express ourselves, right?

well yes, that seems like the right diirection for a modern society to head.

the formula is simple; censorship and denial of rights = dictatorship and tyranny.

so therefore, reduce censorship and grant rights and as if by magic, dictatorship and tryanny  will decrease also.

so here in canada we have people expressing thier views and producing images that, a few short years ago, people would have found vulgar, crude and outright offensive.

but where is the decrease in invasive bureaucracy and restrictive government?

in fact, in hte last few decades while tv and movies have become increasingly violent and sexual, government  has merrily expanded into more areas of our lives.

and honestly, i`m  sick of the opinionated empty heads figuring that they have a right to inflict me with thier point of view, no matter how misguided it is...just because they heard oprah say it or because sean penn just made a movie about it, or whether the chocolate jesus just won a nobel peace prize.

personally i think the only right they have is to shut the fuck up.

and let`s face it, it would be a lot quieter too.


Vincent said...

I agreed till I read down to the bit which I found offensive for its uncontrolled racist bile.

dr.alistair said...


Vincent said...

It works like this. You make a remark like chocolate jesus to signal your own readiness to speak contemptuously of someone in relation to his colour; which encourages your interlocutors to express their prejudices too.

Anyone of that colour will feel that you have defined a no-go area: "keep off if you have no sense of humour, this is a white man's territory. Here we make our funny jokes, so if you don't like it clear off".

I'm well aware of what is offensive to black people, being married to one. Unintentional things cause no offence at all, but chocolate jesus sneers at more than one kind of person. Can you justify it for any other reason?

dr.alistair said...

well yeah, i can. as a way of highlighting the sheer glee with which people celebrated the man`s seat in the white house....simply based on the colour of his skin...while others felt he wasn`t black enough.

and i didn`t realise he had a white mother, and that there was questions about his citizenship, and so on.

but this is typical of our polarised view of things in our media generated existance.

and the chocolate jesus epithet is sneering at the racial issue and the sanctimoniousness of his posture.

the white man is censored with regard to the issue of colour and is made to feel somehow responsible for the "plight" of those browner, yellower or whatever. and further that it is assumed that a white man has the key to the executive bathroom pressed into his pink palm during the secret white guy handshake upon greeting as he steps forward into his birthright.

well, the truth is that we are all wage slaves, mortgage slaves and new car slaves.

in it together.

i have listened and watched rich white liberals apologise for the struggles of blacks, hispanics, asians, indians, women, gays, and pretty much anyone but a white guy...and set up programs and supports and laws even...

and guess what?

i like it this way.

i just get on with it and don`t complain too damned much about my chances in the world.

and so does my friend richard.

multi-millionaire investor.

black guy.

came from jamaica when he was a kid and got a securities licence, started and investment company and suddenly...twenty years later, he became a millionaire.

by working hard.

Vincent said...

Yes but this baggage has nothing to do with Obama.

dr.alistair said...

no, and niether does my comment about the chocolate messiah.

i am pointing to the gullable people and saying look, the emporor has no clothes....

he says "let me make this clear..." and people go into a trance and don`t hear the rest. but they are darned sure he was clear about what it was they don`t remember himn saying.