Thursday, October 01, 2009

the evolution of the gym.

three years ago i seperated and moved in with friends. they were good enough to allow me to set ap a small gym in thier garage. i trained there for four months until i moved to my new apartment.

the bottom picture is from the back room of my apartment. one night i got a knock on my door late. the guy at the door asked if i had heard a large bang an hour or so before. he said the bang was so loud it knocked everything out of his bathroom cabinet. i said i hadn`t heard a thing.

later i realised that it was 245 pounds hitting the rubber mats when i was doing power-cleans. i had to laugh.

when i moved from my apartment this march i made a new gym in my girlfriend`s basement where the second picture was taken.

the new gym features a two level rack that i made out of two-by-fours that will support 700 pounds for shrugs and short range bench press. the lower level is for lower bench press and partial deadlifts. the rubber mats are great for saving the laminate flooring and for saving the concrete floor of my friend`s garage.

the dedicated warrior will find a way to stay battle-ready....y`know, for when the kids get out of hand....

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