Tuesday, October 06, 2009

and in other news.


it`s now time for all the idiots to rush out and buy it, because you can plainly see how valuable it is. never been higher. get some. yum. low in cholesterol. you know you want some.

the last time gold hit a high similar to this, in the mid eighties i believe, tons of people i knew went out and got some, you know, as a hedge against inflation, or some such shit.

people all of a sudden turn into warren buffet when news stories like this are pushed into our consciousness and start using investment buzz-words and insights from global economics and oil purchase strategies to justify thier stupid top-of-the-market decisions.

which is precisely what all the people who bought gold at $650 want you to do.

they are the one`s paying for the ads, sorry, i mean news stories, in the first place.

and these are the same people who spend hours a week sorting garbage to be a good little sheep come recycling day (formally known as garbage day) shopping in the mall, buying new cars, and dreaming of thier new custom house......(just like the one three houses down)

and you know what, yesterday i paid $8.79 for a cup of fries and an orange juice as a treat for my boy who was home sick from school, and i was pissed off from the start as the girl rang it in with all the taxes and such.

half a potato and some sugar water. fuck.

i bit my tongue for my boy.

and gold is nearly $1100 an ounce...plus tax of course.


Grant said...

I just read that Japan is buying oil from Iran in yen, and now you want me to buy gold in dollars. I already spent my money on beer and pizza rolls, and I'm happy with the investment.

dr.alistair said...

we will have to nuke the bastards again. using thier own money! jeez.

beer and pizza rolls wouln`t have been my first choice, but to each his own.

oats and mineral water.


if it was good enonugh for hitler to make it his private source.........

K9 said...

i have never really understood the gold thing. im investing in analog tools, actual land, seeds, silver and other agricultural products and chickens. im set. all i need now is some mad maxian attire.

dr.alistair said...

gold is a commodity like any other. buy low sell high.

pretty simple.

what the media wants to do is encourage us to do the opposite. hence the post.

funny you should mention analog. for years i have struggled to adapt to the digital environment, as an artist and as a musician, and i find myself coming back to the physical analog medium to create.

i have played in digital studios and loved the experience, as long as someone else was at the desk, otherwise five me tape any day.

i`m looking for an old teac 80-8 for a winter project.

hard to find.