Friday, October 30, 2009

odd story.

my oldest boy used to sing that song. i thought it was sort of clever for a six year old to memorise something and repeat it with such style, though rap and mcdonalds aren`t my idea of culture, one has to begi somewhere.

but ot get arrested for rapping at a drive through. we like to mess with the drive through occasionally by muffling our voices or clipping our words like there is a problem with the mike....

...i will be more careful next time.


Grant said...

I like the part at the end where the manager defended his actions by saying it was a matter of employee safety. "Oh no - I've been a victim of a drive-by rapping!"

dr.alistair said...

weird story. i`m sure there was more to the actions of the teens than merely rapping, but for it to be an issue of employee safety?

wasting the cops time more like.