Tuesday, October 13, 2009



ok, so..before the obamaphiles get thier whotsits twisted immesurably, let`s just settle down and look at what we know.

iran and north korea are run by fuckheads who would think nothing of shoving us over a barrel if they had a deliverable nuke.


diplomacy has been tried, continues to be tried, and will always be a part of our attempts to disuade fuckwits from tossing fissile explosives our way, but....we know very well in our non-political heads that this is only feasable as long as they don`t actually have a nuclear bomb capable of landing here.

chomskey et al can moan on about hegemony and the oil motive in all this, but really what is going on is the de-motivation of psychotic dictators in emerging nuclear societies.

full stop.

and to re-visit our old cia friend saddam hussien for a moment to reflect on the actions of these types....just show yourself a picture of all those oil fields burning as the republican guard ran off into syria...and imagine if he had a firecracker in working order.


Grant said...

I saw a lot of blog comments made by Japanese people who wish that Kim Jong-il had been given the Nobel prize instead of Obama, so I think we should test it there. But only on the men - the women should be safely moved to my apartment first.

dr.alistair said...

a small fraction of the women grant. those suitable for your website.....