Monday, October 05, 2009


if ever you thought there was something odd (fishy?) about evolutionary theory, this video will answer your questions.

a technical anthropological analysis of acheological finds.

extremely eye-opening.


Vincent said...

Haven't watched it all yet, but the UFO conference title puts me on sceptical guard.

First thought: the recent discovery of Ardi probably makes this all out of date, because Ardi indicates an earlier common ancestor than the straw men used in argument by the lecturer.

Vincent said...

I don't find any credentials of his training in the sciences he refers to. He got a degree in psychology and has never so far as I can see been a scientist. To him this doesn't matter because science is a conspiracy to hide the truth.

dr.alistair said...

well, if we get hung up on credentials and miss the facts he deliver, he has wasted his time presenting a lucid arguement against the theory of the evolutionary process in regard to human genesis.

the discovery of ardi in 1994 does nothing to detract from pye`s position. in fact it bolsters it.

ardi is another chimpanzee dolled up for the careers of the scientists who discovered the bones.

another example of the peer-review game that is akin to winning the pools (lottery).

science and it`s method have to constantly disprove it`s own theories. that is the nature of it`s process.

except, oddly, when it comes do darwinian evolution, a popular late 19th century game designed to push back the church and it`s creationary position.

this debate, and it`s attendant flare-ups like the scopes trial and the recent intelligent design arguement in the media, will continue ad absurdia, simply because we have no factual idea at all as to why a hairless bipedal animal exists in a harsh predatory environment.

but for the fact that we are specifically suited to using advanced technology and consumer products.

according to pye, and his attendant factual scientific evidence, humans in this same unevolved form have existed beside his so-called ancestors for millions of years.

mary leakey herself discovered modern human footprints that were dated at millions of years old at a time when australopithicus were predominant.

all of the other primate species still exist today. they haven`t disappeared due to some stressor that would have forced an evolutionary shift from one species to another....

....darwinian evolution on the macro scale is a dead horse. only science keeps beating on it because it makes them research money.

and so, the debade amongst those genuinely curious, will continue.

Vincent said...

Well, it's a nice idea, that I am part earthly animal and part extra-terrestrial, and I'll take away that as an unproven idea, or as you put it, accept that "we have no factual idea at all".

I suppose I am not therefore one of the genuinely curious, and will regard the debate from an aloof and neutral distance.

I was brought up to spiritualist parents who believed all kind of stuff, and my curiosity soon reached saturation.

dr.alistair said...

pye is not asking us to believe, and so we shouldn`t. he is merely doing what the scientists should be doing in this instance.

the science.

belief begins where facts end and motivates us to take action beyond reason.

belief is the basis for religion, spiritualism and scientific ideology.

and pye never said we were part alien. he suggests alien intervention in our existance via genetic manipulation. a concept suggested in the bible, funnily enough.

i have felt this idea to have some credance, and one more interesting and hopeful for mankind than the idea that we came from sludge by accident.

though that may still be the`s just not proven scientifically yet.

any schoolboy can tell you that scientific method needs reproduceable proof of a theory before it is known as proven.

so science holds out little bits of bones similar to other little bits of bones that have been found conclusively to be chimpanzee bones and call them a tautologically latin name and they call that proof?

i call that poor science, and a failing grade.