Tuesday, October 27, 2009

bono, dude! you are an idiot.


and shut up. your mouth is doing things that your brain has no idea about.

to suggest even for a moment that u2 is a rock band, or that they have anything to do with rock and roll is laughable.

u2 is a pop band.

a pop band financed by ira money in ireland and america to promote anti-british sentiment.

sunday bloody sunday is a love song for irish terrorists (sinn fein) so they can sidle up to other political gangsters like desmond tutu or nelson mandela or the pope.

meanwhile real rock bands continue to sell albums.

ac/dc.   led zeppelin.  megadeth.  aerosmith.  zz top.

notice the pattern?

none of these bands ever made political hay from thier notariety.

dixie chicks?


K9 said...

brilliant! i am with you oh doc torrrrr
i bet megadeth never advocated for increased taxation in their native land while moving their business OUT of that native land to avoid said taxation. bono is the most pretentious do nothing hag on earth. he is an errand boy for the global cabal. and the yellow sunglasses? grrrrrrrherhahahaha!

K9 said...

i just laughed my ass off when i read you asking vincent how hot the water temp in his pot was. i used to write quite a bit about the problem of islam in europe. its common sense not racism. but that was before i had my head spun around by the invaders in the US gov, the fed and captains of american finance. snakes in the back yard and the wolf at the door.
oy vey!

dr.alistair said...

yeah...problems, problems, problems...but what can you do?

one does have to speak one`s mind though.

vincent is a selective type, not wanting to believe that the things he holds dear could be nefarious.

the muslums in his neck of the woods aren`t mobbed up, of course.

...and vincent doesn`t believe he`s sitting in water at all.

Grant said...

Their music doesn't suck. Like Bono said, it's just too challenging for the stupid old public. That's why my blog doesn't get more readers than the Harry Potter books. Pictures of hot Asian women are much more challenging.

dr.alistair said...

i never looked at it that way....

..it doesn`t suck.


though it did.

is the pope a good guy too?