Thursday, October 01, 2009


to anyone but an evolutionist bent on finding a link between humans and primates, it would be obvious that a pack animal would be better at co-operating than a herbivorous tree-dweller.

also generally, meat-eaters tend to be smarter than those who only eat grass.


because grass doesn`t run when you hunt it.


Grant said...

Hunting the elusive J-bunny has certainly sharpened my wits.

K9 said...

check out "switch grass" grrrrherhahaha

no i agree. and i think you need protein to keep cell regeneration peak. i worked with a strict vegetarian once. i quit the job because she was the gassiest human being on earth. the air was a toxic mix of fart and ginger.

dr.alistair said...

j-bunnies can be illusive....

my first wife worked for a time in a health food store. they made natural (long before organic) peanut butter once a week, and in would come all the grey people and thier pinch-faced little children.

i asked one such person whether she knew who consumed the most goat`s milk in the world. she shrugged, so i said "baby goats".

she didn`t even smile.

eat meat people.


K9 said...

yeah really. have you ever seen more sickly looking people than health food store minions?

dr.alistair said...

the department of motor vehicles?