Thursday, October 15, 2009


so, not only isn`t there free speech in this country, there isn`t free speech on the blogs either.

when one wants to point out the glaring fraud being commited by the standing president regarding how to spend taxpayer`s money one is called a racist.

now, my definition of a racist is someone who, by thier actions, infringes on the ability of another to life in peace....and we all know what that means in the many different ways that racism occurs.

like having your own t.v. network.

like having your own schools.

like having programs, movements, laws and assets set aside for yourselves.

things like that.

and as vincent said in a comment previously, this has little to do with the chocolate messiah.

this has to do with liberal apologetics. an intellectual process whereby those who have make amends to those who have not.....and substantially make sure they are kept down.

apologetics has two effects. it makes those who have some feel guilty for the things they have, and secondly it makes those who have not look toward those who have as somehow depriving them of something.

out of this atmosphere of apologetics comes civil liberties, affirmative action, race laws, burgeoning social programs ostensibly helping those incapable of helping themselves...and a general mood of divisiveness.

is the black population of america incapable of being industrious?

according to some intellectuals this is so.

and some prominent black leaders keep telling thier congregations this also.

so who`s racist?


Vincent said...

I apologize and withdraw the accusation of racism. I meant and should have said discourtesy; in that you confused the colour of the man's skin with the fact that you disagree with his politics and probably don't like the man at all. There is freedom of speech for that on blogs, indeed, but I don't want to see someone I respect - yourself - confused with a ranting, bigoted, ill-tempered racist. You have generously granted your commenters the same freedom of speech as yourself and I am gratefully using mine.

You may have views about liberal apologetics, and I may or may not agree with them. Obama, having been elected on a democratic ticket, has the problem of dealing with his own supporters as well as the problems he was elected to solve.

It's true that he has given black people in America - and non-white people globally - a new sense of hope and joy, because of his ethnic background. I cannot of course speak for them, but I sense that his bearing, intelligence, charm and physical grace are matters for pride too: a feeling which white people are not excluded from at all, even if they are US Republican voters - because they see that he helps heal the rifts caused in the reign of his predecessor, which made America so hated, and which therefore increased the risks of being American. (US citizens visiting Europe on business or vacation would sometimes take refuge in the hope that strangers might think they were Canadian.)

So in this sense Obama's colour, combined with his personality, is a potent symbol for world reconciliation and part of the reason for the Nobel prize.

But to counter this with the "chocolate messiah" jibe cheapens the discourse of the utterer, Alistair; unless your aim is to impress bigots.

dr.alistair said...

no. it gets people to break cover....

intelligent people should be encouraged to speak from thier hearts about issues, instead of responding to images on a screen. this is the only way to find solutions to serious issues.

and there are never any political solutions.


only political opportunities, which, of course lead to more politics.

diplomacy works in pretty much the same way.

Vincent said...

Well you're right there. It got me to break cover.

dr.alistair said...

and furthermore, i don`t disagree with the man`s politics.

he is a master of what he does. he does it an evangelical fashion reminiscent of a tent-show preacher who`s voice fills all available space.

same proselytised accolytes, same incredulous faces, same short-term miracles.

but that won`t do it when the cold light of reason shines through when the dust clears and the tent show breaks camp.

all you are left with is a t-shirt.


and vincent, you didn`t need to apologise, but i appreciate the gesture.