Friday, October 30, 2009

a question.

a friend told me of a situation that occured when he went to meet his date the other night.

he went to pick her up at the prescribed time and she invited him in for a few moments, she meet some of her family...who just happened to be there.

they sat for almost an hour while he got the third degree from the mother, the brother, the cousin and the friend, and they invited him and her to a local bar as they left, so they could talk further.....

his date apologised profusely and promised they wouldn`t do that again.

he told me she is everything he wants in a partner. great looking, funny, intelligent and has a great job in government. all good.

except that it wasn`t them doing the interogation. it was her.

my question is; how does one deal with this sort of situation?

clearly he didn`t enjoy the grilling, and knowing that it was actually her game to grill him makes the situation worse.

i await your answers.


Grant said...

I'd take that as a serious warning flag - she may have trust issues and might turn out to be the kind to monitor his e-mail and search his papers. Still, I think I'd continue to date her but would be ready to break it off if issues like that keep resurfacing.

dr.alistair said...

she was incapable to be adult enough to ask her own questions.

the people he had to meet were people concerned for her inability to choose suitable partners.

my question would be, how far into the bedroom were these people going to come?

she isn`t ok to be around because she doesn`t know the truth or sincerety when she experiences them.

danger will robinson.
run. away.