Thursday, October 22, 2009

i just had a thought....

why don`t they let gay couples into olympic figure skating?


Vincent said...

Pish Alistair, you've started something here!

I remember at boarding school my headmaster encouraged me to watch ballet on the television, to get more cultured and (he hoped) win a scholarship to Oxford.

But he opined that it was male ballet-dancers who spoilt the whole thing, and if he had his way they would be banned.

He had a point.

dr.alistair said...

why do you suppose he felt that way?

Vincent said...

I expect he thought the male ones were all gay, but he wasn't prepared to admit such a thing existed.

Things were different before the Wolfenden Report & the change in the law. They were all in the closet.

dr.alistair said...

it`s funny to think that people we saw as eccentric, odd and somehow flamboyant were, in actual fact, gay.

i saw the rock band queen many times in the seventies and it never once dawned on me to make judgement on freddie mercury`s sexual orientation. it is only since lisa minelli and the l.a. crowd have made a martyr of the man that it has made a difference.

nowadays the gays make a big deal of thier choice and demand that we applaud and consume thier lewdness as entertainment.

recently sean penn made a film about the first gay politician in america....a guess he saw it as the royal road to the academy awards.

i think two men skating around together trying to win an olympic medal is precisely what the p.c. crowd deserve.