Friday, October 09, 2009

is this a joke?

no really, is. this. a. joke?


Vincent said...

I don't know the reasons for your anti-Obama stance, but I will repeat here my comments to another blogger "Sounds in the Hickory Wind" who was similarly aghast at the award.

He did declare himself unworthy and in his speech took the opportunity to do his job as a world leader looking after America's interests and promoting understanding between nations at the same time.

Does he deserve the award? I would say so, for his oratory and symbolic status alone.

It was a very wise move to award him the prize "before he has done anything". It would be more difficult to award the prize for peace when the complications of diplomacy and war may have muddied the picture.

One BBC commentator remarked, without noticeable satirical intention, that he got the prize "for not being George W Bush". In the path towards world peace, this, together with his oratory, is sufficient reason.

dr.alistair said...

along with terrorists like mandela and communists like tutu. sure.

look, i`m not political. they are all self-serving businessmen, and this is just another association award as far as i`m concerned.

i was just asking; is this a joke?

dr.alistair said...

and further more, there is a phrase that i quote people who are trying to understand people better in new relationships.

it goes like this; i hear what you are saying, but i see what you are doing.

what i see the boy in question doing is this;

1) continuing military actions on foriegn soil that his voters wanted him to stop.

2) ramping up federal debt at astonishing levels.

3) accepting accolades for things he hasn`t done. we are not one iota more peaceful a world since he was voted in.

4) allowing his wife to be photoed on the cover of fashion magazines when she`s bulldog ugly.

(it would help if she could actually genuinely smile. whenever she smiles she looks like a klingon.)

my cricisms of gwb are published elsewhere, but follow along the lines of; wearing cowboy boots and $2500 suits, being a daddies boy, not being able to read a tele-promter, etc....unlike clinton who was a smooth piece of shit in gabardine with a taste for starry-eyed interns, and a ball-buster for a wife.

these observations are clearly ad hominem and not political, because i and everyone else not in the oval office during the conference calls has no fucking clue what these people are planning to do until the next day.

i know people like to dose themselves with clever predictions about who will do what and when, but the only ones who have anywhere near a clue are...historians.

and even they get it wrong.

nephew said...

makes total sense. arafat got one. so did the Goracle. so chocolate jesus is in good company.

dr.alistair said...

chocolate jesus?

that`s good.

kinda running the nobel brand down aren`t they. like we`re doing with the presidency.