Tuesday, May 02, 2006

differences between humans and cats.

1. people don`t clean themselves in meetings.
2. people have a forehead.
3. people have apposable thumbs.
4. people don`t chase the laser pointer.
5. people leave a message when they call.
6. people can decorate.
7. cats have lousy slapshots.
8. there`s no way that cats built the pyramids.
9. there are no cats on the supreme court.
10. cats can`t keep a secret.
11. people aren`t mortally afraid of the vacuum cleaner.
(but i`ve always wondered why there is a light on the vacuum cleaner. who vacuums in the dark?)
12. cats make terrible racecar drivers.
14. people don`t hide under the bed in the spare bedroom for days on end. (well, most don`t......)


Anonymous said...

Do cats suffer from triskaidekaphobia ?

dr.alistair said...

no, but i do.........
i wear
#14 on the soccer field too.
actually i didn`t notice that i had missed 13 until you pointed it out.