Saturday, November 25, 2006


in conflict there comes comfort. there comes a justification......when others will take up the cause. but what`s it all for?

if we can discuss things for long enough then points of view can become clear and the level of tension diminshes.

but see what dies?

the universe that contains the conflict....................

if we become so intensely focused on the universe that we decide is real, then we act as if we didn`t create it and that we have no power over it whatsoever.

which is bullshit of the highest calibre.

but it can be the greatest thing imagineable.

if you build a universe of love and compassion and gratitude and sharing and understanding...........of yourself.

pretty soon you will have forgotten that you decided that this was the way things were. but the people, places and things that emerged in your reality, that were attracted to you ideas and concepts and actions, will be acting in accordance with your views anyway. they will be proving your thesis all the while.

it`s happening every nanosecond of every day we exist in consciousness.

we are begining to wake up to it.

i think with better and faster means of communication more people are getting the message...........that we are the ones who make things real.

for a moment imagine i`m right, what are you going to dare to create for yourself and those you love?


Yves said...

I would like to do what you say and for a moment imagine that you're right. Unfortunately I don't understand what you are saying, and would appreciate it being spelt out in more detail.

dr.alistair said...

thanks yves. i will continue to write on this subject soon.

the final proof is in what you percieve mind you.........