Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the secret.

i really want a mercedes. not a new expensive one, just a nice clean used one about 10 or more years old that i can maintain. they are made like tanks and drive well and look nice too. i have been seeing myself driving one more recently.

my business partner says to me the other day, "you know, i bought this 1980 mercedes 280 e and i was wondering if you`d like to drive it..........."

well, you have to watch the movie called the secret to understand the deeper meaning of my partner`s kindness.

what we ask for resonates with the universe.

the universe has been waxing my mercedes for me now for weeks, waiting for me to take further action.


Rand said...

We might be related. I have an 18 year old Mercedes. Unfortunately, living on the coast in New England did a number on it and it's quite rusty now. I've been looking into replacements.

p.s. Some of the newer ones have lower build quality/engineering than the older ones. Do your homework.

dr.alistair said...

rand, we may well be. i have driven cadillacs all my life and am disappointed with the qualitry of the newer ones and so i`ve decided to put a merc on the road next. homework is the key, asyou suggested. i live in a upper middle income area and there are a ton of mid-eighties 500e and diesel models on the market. i understand that repairs are costly but so is driving a sub-standard car...........
i`m sure i`ll get into some trouble with the non-material types for that kind of thinking, but what the hell.