Friday, November 24, 2006

when it comes to the spirit.

when it comes to the spirit, we have to realise that it`s all up to us.

there is nobody else, incarnate or otherise.

you can have faith in whatever you like...............but the reproduceable fact is that we are the one`s making this shit real.

and when you read and disagree with my position you are just validating it.

its not that you are caught in some clever semantic trick of my devising, it`s just that our consciousness is what`s driving the universe.

the question i have to ask is.................. why do some people have to focus on the negative?

do they like it?

does it make them appear consciensious?


what it does is ensure that they`ll have more of what they`re focussing on.

when you realise that the universe works that way and that you`ve seen the proof in your own life then all you have to do is adjust your focus.


Yves said...

"and when you read and disagree with my position you are just validating it". Well then I might as well shrivel and die, because you are the invincible one!

dr.alistair said...

well, that`s your reaction to the statement.......not my intention. taking a contrary position to one of abundance and creativity has always been difficult for me, and frankly not a choice i want to make.
but i will defend your right to make that choice for yourself.
and it`s the universethat is invincible.
i am merely a messenger.

Yves said...

It's not my reaction to the statement, but my response!

You are a messenger?????? from whom or what?

dr.alistair said...

there is no seperation. the message is what we are all feeling........some with uncertainty.....but certainly still feeling.
i`m just bold enough to say it.
it is the guru or priest who says it is coming to me as i am special or priveleged......
i say it`s within us all.

have a look.