Tuesday, November 14, 2006

what does enlightenment mean?

it is a term that is used frequently these days so i thought i`d scratch the shiny polished surface of this word and see what i might find underneath.
one can assume that the term refers to the spiritual developement of the consciousness. we all agree on what that means, right?
well, what does that mean.....?
we assume that spirit can develop and that it is somehow benificial to do so, like training your muscles to get stronger by lifting weights.
i see this approach used often by people , characterised as a path or way. as if they are moving towards something that is quantifiable and that there will be something different and somehow better for them when they arrive.
that makes it pretty hard to be satisfied with the ever present now doesn`t it?

to me, enlightenment means being less heavy and seeing things more clearly. an ease of movement and of consciousness allowing creativity, love and caring. being able to see the beauty, abundance and sheer joy of being alive is a treasure that, even though the feeling visits for fleeting moments sometimes, it is a comfort.........knowing that the feeling will return again.

the opposite of cranky?

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