Sunday, November 26, 2006

to not understand.

to not understand that we are the gods who make the grass green is the master accomplishment of the thing we call culture.

it is the thing that media created to dull our minds toward material pursuits that we can never attain.

the media is designed to make us behave in such a way as to tire us completely. to exhaust us so that we have no ability to think in spiritual or energetic or creative terms.

like pouring a cup of water into the ocean in the hope of seeing it rise, we continue to want more things. this consumerist urge is driven by culture from the time we can remember our first thought.

to begin to understand what i`m talking about you must despise culture so much as to begin to turn it off.

bit by bit you must ignore newspapers, tv, magazines and anything else that delivers a window on the artificiality of media.

including conversations about it.

when you have done this long enough, and only you can say how long this will take, you will start to become aware of something else.................


when you stop listening for opinion and value and method from elsewhere you begin to think for yourself, from areas in your brain that maybe haven`t been used for a while.

these areas of your brain or consciousness begin to activate when they realise that you aren`t hypnotised any longer.

then the fun begins.

but remember........there are those who would have you nailed to a tree for thinking this way.

you can tell who they are even today by the little gold crosses they wear around thier necks.

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