Saturday, November 25, 2006


there will always be criticism. it is a natural part of opinion. those who are confident enough in thier own opinion tend to be tolerant of the opinion of others, but occasionally there are those who have desire to discuss thier views in a confontational fashion. and so, with the greatest of balance and tact it can be useful to counter agressive disagreement, for the developement of communication and the understanding that people have the right to have a different perspective on a subject.

this position goes further to the idea that we are the creators of our universe.

otherwise, why cling to a position to the death?

you must believe something is going to die if you change your mind.


Yves said...

The idea that we are creators of our universe, that you often refer to, is much more simplistic than the actual universe, at least the one I create, if that is what I am doing. What I am creating is my own filters through which I view a universe which I do not individually create.

But if you really mean that we create our own universe, literally and without limitation, then this is a view which requires more explanation or proof.

dr.alistair said...

i do really mean that we create our own universe, literally and without limitation.

explanation and proof?

read my first sentence of this reply.

Yves said...

Unfortunately your belief is not evidence let alone proof.