Monday, November 20, 2006

telling stories.

one of my favorite things, when i was a child, was to hear stories being told. whether it was my father or a radio show or on tv. it didn`t matter. i just loved to become immersed in the story and become part of the action.

i`m like that to this day.

my therapy sessions consist of stories interlinked together in a weave of metaphor and symbolism that leads the client into a suggestive state of possibility in healing, laughter, change, discovery and challenge.

i think my clients like thier stories because they think it hypnotises, which is why they came. what is really happening is they are changing thier beliefs through the story-telling. they wouldn`t do it if i just told them to change and gave them technical reasons for doing so.

they suspend one belief for long enough for another to be accepted.

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