Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the material and the spiritual.

we are spiritual creatures having a material experience.

so let`s enjoy the journey.

i am criticised by some on the path that feel that the focus on the material is somehow injurious or possibly even morally wrong.

my message to them is that we need to celebrate the material in all it`s abundance and take advantage of what we have manifested in front of our very eyes.

we are doing it.............

so why deny an essential aspect of ourselves?

and i do expect an answer.


Yves said...

Do you have any written example that you could post here of the kind of criticism you are getting? Otherwise, I'm not getting a feeling for the nature of your response. When you say "we are spiritual creatures having a material experience" I cannot at present understand any part of what you mean.

When you say that "we need to celebrate the material in all its abundance" do you mean that "some on the path" are opposing this view?

In fact no one can celebrate the material in all its abundance. We are limited to the experiences we have. And if you are encouraging people to seek riches, don't forget that riches cannot buy all the experiences, but on the contrary might block off some of them.

If you chose to be a monk in a cell wearing a hair-shirt and having to get up at certain hours in the night to participate in the holy offices - praying and singing in the chapel - that is part of the abundance of the material world too, but the experiences of the monk are only available through poverty, chastity and obedience.

dr.alistair said...

yves, i think you`ve said it all for me.

i`m encouraging (read; daring.....) people to take a more what if, what the hell or what the fuck attitude about life.
life is too short for the nitpicking of things. if anything cuts people off from experience it`s deliberste misunderstanding.
i am merely relating my experiences as i understnd them. if they don`t fall into a formula or check against someone else`s list of things then there`s nothing can do about it.

and yes i do think that some who want to be on a path want to reject the material as a way to be pure possibly, because they read somewhere that it was neccesary to do so. something to do with camels and wealthy men and needles.
and giving money to the church...........

yes, the priests lie. and so to the gurus and the yogis and the monks.

you can celebrate the material in all it`s abundance. it`s just a decision.

we are limited to the experiences we have. but one has to be careful making statements like that because of how the language reflexes.
you can steal experiences and fantasize and get the neuro-chemical and physiological responses as a result.
that`s how nlp works.
i am encouraging people to dare to be involved in life. it`s not so much about riches. that`s hyperbolic. money is only one part of the celebration. gratitude, love, family, community, involvement.........these are all processes that stem from the recognition of our involvement in this wonder called consciousness.

dr.alistair said...

"we are spiritual creatures having a material experience"

what`s not to understand?

Yves said...

Are you saying we are not physical creatures? Are you saying we are not having a spiritual experience?

Yves said...

If all these other people lie, then I am not sure it is worth talking to you! Why should not you also lie?

dr.alistair said...

the only one who can make that determination is you.
there is the problem with religion. people give up thier critical thinking to someone who supposedly knows more.
i don`t.
i just say what i feel to be valid.