Monday, November 13, 2006

is science a religion?

i am constantly revisiting this question for the simple reason that most people pre-suppose that if a concept has science behind it then it must be valid and true. the statement that something has been proven a scientific fact makes people go into a deep trance whereby everything that is said afterwards is accepted as true.

there are so many situations in modern society where the sciences are wielded as weapons against criticism that it is hard to find a place to start.

i will start with hypnosis because it`s a field i have some expertise in.

the medical and psychiatric profession has long held that hypnosis is dangerous on one hand while saying that it doesn`t exist as a measureable treatment on the other. science`s lack of ability to measure, calibrate and synthesize the process is what causes them the concern in reality, but they use fear as a way to illegitimize the modality to thre general public.

this is a tool of the church to make people afraid to use traditional methods of prayer and worship, leaving only the church as a spiritual refuge. the wars that rage around the world as we gather here are mostly conflicts of ideology.

what else does science do that is like the church?

it asks us to accept events and processes on faith and accept unproveable ideas as fact.

the big bang.



the origin of humans on the planet to begin with.

industrial emmissions are causing global warming.

these are the first issues that come to mind. one`s that science and politicians like to swagger around with and expect us to not question thier validity..........though a logical mind will ask obvious questions like, um, what exactly is gravity? or clarify the big bang thingy in layman`s terms will you? with a straight face please, and try to make it sound at least slightly different from the seven days of creation from the bible.

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