Monday, November 13, 2006

three beautiful things........

my guitars.
my children.
my health.
my bald head.
my devilish grin.
the sunrise.
the children playing in the schoolyard.
the escarpment.
the hindi girl who owes me a phone call.
the scottish girl who`s phone number i need to ask for.
the eagle flying high above simply doing his job.
magnum the dog. his love is unconditional.
starbucks coffee.
another starbucks coffee.
my soul which burns with the passion for life.

that`s more than three isn`t it?

oh well. such is the beauty of life.............and i didn`t even begin to mention the works of beethoven and mozart and flamenco guitar and seeing yes live and all the other bands, too numerous to mention.......and, of course love it`s self. for the self. deep inside.

and thank you alan watts wherever you are. your laughter sings in my ears this moment.

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