Sunday, January 29, 2006

#100.......enlightenment vs. enheavyment.

this is my one hundredth post here. time for a small editorial.
this has been the begining of an experiment in the emergence of my ego`s resonance with the universe. it has been an interesting view on the medium term state of my own perception of the nature of reality and the views of those who read what i`ve said. thanks to everyone who read these words and to those who felt compelled to comment. my hope is that, as this process continues, a dialog will emerge so that we can gain some comfort in the knowledge that there are others that think in similar terms.

enlightenment vs. enheavyment. we tend to see things more clearly by contrast. the joy and awe of enlightenment sometimes becomes a numbing experience. if all one knows is a smile then things can become tedious. a frown or two will provide a way for comparison. as th frowns persist it becomes obvious that when one begins to actively and deliberately begin to smile again, then the joy returns.
one has to ask whether the joy comes first, or whether it was the shapes created by the muscles around the mouth and the eyes.
is the stimulus internal or external?
are we masters or prey?
it is a constant struggle.
mastery comes with practice.
the muscles of our bodies carry coding that stimulates signals in the brain that emotions are to be felt. make the bodily shape that stimulates certain feelings and the signals are fired off, neurchemically...........and we get feelings as a response.
this is equally valid due to external stimulus as due to what we imagine.
so we can creat enlightenment, or we can create enheavyment, or we can recieve stimulation externally that will provoke these feelings too.
but why wait?
mastery comes with practice.
we forget this when we are happy all the time and when we are unhappy it is difficult to remember.
such is life.
remember to practice safe smiling children.................when it`s easy and when it`s more difficult.

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