Wednesday, January 25, 2006

the aim of academic writing.

H.L. Mencken once said that the aim of academic writing was "to stagger sophomores and other professors".
by this definition my work isn`t academic.
my work comes from my desire to impart the feelings i get from thinking about things in certain ways that are inconoclastic, heretical, wrong, illogical, lies, paradoxical, hallucinations, absurd and inflamatory.
nevertheless, if applied, these attitudes will make you feel good.
when you feel good, you make good decisions and when you make good decisions, you prosper.
without prosperity, and for the purposes of this discussion i will define prosperity as the ability to provide security and sustenance for one`s self and dependants, nothing else matters.
if we look at maslow`s hierarchy of needs, we see food, fuel and shelter at the bottom of a pyramid that works up to spiritual enlightenment as the point at the top. we satisfy all the levels to get there.
that`s why we need to prosper to grow toward spiritual enlightenment. the boot camp of divinity is prosperity.

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