Sunday, January 01, 2006

what the bleep do we know?

what the bleep do we know is an interesting film. it is a documentary/adventure story dealing with the quantum mechanical effects of thinking on our lives. the story illustrates very well how we can become trapped in beliefs that create reality as we go. it also explains some complex q.m. theories and devices that correlate with mystical teachings that go back as long as humans have been alive.
the thesis of the movie can summed up as; we see what we believe and expect to see.
the movie also has a go at religion. it suggests through the words of people being interviewed that religion has taken the dynamic aspect of spitiuality out of thier practices and created chaos in culture as a result.
the movie has a go at psychology also for the same reason.
the movie gives the viewer a roadmap to thier own neurology and some insight into how we create emotions through the use of chemicals produced in the hypothalamus. this one concept alone will get some eligious types in a twist. it thier mind it "reduces" the importance of life down to chemical reactions in the body.
i think it`s a miracle that we can have some insight into how we experience our feelings. it isn`t a trivialisation as much as a revelation. life isn`t so much mysterious any longer, as much as it is miraculous and a thrill to be alive knowing that we have a mechanism inside that we can use to create joy and passion for living and for just simply being alive.
the religious realise watching this, if they`re honest with themselves, that the concept of god becomes the face of simple concepts that are proven out in this film. simple concepts the we can apply to our own neurochemistry immediately. and every time we need to.
mystics have been teaching this for centuries but the concepts get diluted down to dogma and societal control once the halls and auditoriums start to fill up with people eager to hear the message. it becomes a relationship between gurus and adherents.
i guess, for some, being happy and in awe of being alive isn`t enough. they need someone or something to follow.
we are god. it happens inside our brains all the time. constantly, non stop.
it`s obvious to me.........................

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