Monday, January 16, 2006

hegelian dialectic.

hegel was a philosopher that put forward the process of the dialectic. a thesis, or idea, and an antithisis or reaction which resulted in a synthesis, or combining or providing a solution.
this can be expressed in this way. problem-reaction-solution.
this methodology is the underpinnings of how fear of plagues, terrorism, cancer, peanuts, laser pointers, floods and anything else you can imagine can be used as a way to manipulate behaviours.
there are those who firmly believe that 9/11 was deliberately devised so that the government could use homeland security to keep an eye on the population under the guise of protection from terrorists.
using this model we can see that those best suited to providing the solution are responsible for the problem in the first place.
i am not making a judgement of the veracity of the claims that 9/11 was an inside job. there are hundreds of industrial solutions provided to us by creating problems. we have an enourmous industry researching the "cure" for cancer for instance. meanwhile little is really being done about cigarette consumption and diabetes. the two largest killers of the population. they aren`t profitable problems to solve. in fact solving the consumption of cigarettes and sugary foods would cost the economy billions in tax revenues from cigarette and fast food sales. not to mention the loss of jobs in the industries that supply those products.
the solution for the individual is to recognise the means of manipulation. when you call a covert game it stops.
in your mind is where this all takes if you call the game on yourself first, you can smile when the next person tries it on you.

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