Sunday, January 22, 2006


i had a discussion with marc stevens on his radio show last night and the conversation gravitated to the concept and process of fear in our consciousness.
what is fear?
it is the feeling we get when we know we either run or fight. the feeling is known as fight or flight for this reason. this sensation is very useful in situations where we need to jump start our physiology. situations such as running from a lion or fist-fighting a prize-fighter or wrestling a bear or any one of a thousand situations we find ourselves in as a hunter-gatherer.
so we can see that, in a technological society fight or flight becomes a redundant mechanism except in the rarest of circumstances......but the mechanism still operates in us, so we need to understand and utilise the mechanism to our benifit as we do other tools at our disposal.
adrenalin and testosterone are powerful neuro-transmitter agents that, for brief moments, allow us super human strength and abilities. a mother can pull a car off a child, a man can run or swim or jump exraordinary distances to win medals and we can all react powerfully when we need to thanks to these chemicals that are available to us.
where is the problem then?
the problem arises when we are exposed to stressful situations where we would like to either run or fight and we can do niether. here is a partial list of these kind of situations ;
war reports on the news.
catastrophies on the news.
conflict in relationships.
news reports in general.
these are a few of the areas where we are responding to the information provided in a manner where we would like to fight or run but we can do niether.
continued exposure to this kind if stimulation produces dissociative states in the mind.
after 9/11 the incedents of post-traumatic stress disorder among the general population rose to epidemic proportions. not just among firefighters, people in the towers and other emergency workers, but amongst people watching the disaster live on t.v. and people exposed to ongoing media coverage for months after the event.
i personally can`t watch accounts or documentaries about that day. it was that event that made me decide not to consume news media ever again.........for my mental health.
i realised that the state created by horrific images and reports of disasters, accidents and conflicts destroys our ability to engage our conscious reality in a clear way.
there are those who cliam that this mechanism is deliberately used to control us through constantly creating this fear state in the population. i can`t disagree with the potential for this happening, though wether there is a small group of people deliberately scaring the shit out of people to control them is unproveable and if true, dangerous to investigate.
the fact that we are in a suggestable, dissociative state while consuming t.v. and other "entertainment" media is indisputable. the only cure is to not watch or debate the issues entirely. not formulate opinions, not to find protagonists, conspiracies or crimes. all of these actions return us to the dissociative state and the fear.
then we are as maliable as mud in the hands of sellers of products and services that we niether want nor need.
imagine a day without t.v.?
a week?
how about years?
just imagine the freedom you would have to draw your own conclusions about what`s most important to you now. your health, your spirituality, your love, family, joy, pleasure.
these are the feelings available to you.
do you remember how they feel?
choose to find out a little bit more about what they feel like because you have made the time by choosing good feelings for no reason.
good feelings don`t need a reason.
reason is an intelectual process that technocrats use instead of feelings to create thier world.
it doesn`t have to be yours.
when you choose.
the only thing we have to fear is fear it`s self. (and those who sell fear.)


anu said...

Hello De Alistair,

I can so relate to the fear concept you so beautifully explained here.

Yesterday i had one of those 'fears' haunting me through due to 'conflicts in relationship'.
Along with this fear was also, 'guilt' and 'lack of selflove' which made things worse.

This gave rise to a splitting headache and feeling of nauseaousness. By the time i realised it, the damage had been done by 'me' to my own psyche.

There was a 'desperate'and 'restless' feeling then to want to 'reach out' to the other person to feel better.

I forced myself to sniff a lemon (to relieve myself of the nauseous feeling) and tried to sleep focussing on the part between my eyebrows.

I dont know how hard or how long i did this. Becoz the moment i would stray, the sinking feeling, pain, desperation everything seemed to surge in like a wave.

Surprisingly, i had dreams too during this state, which i dont remember now.

Finally when i woke up today morning (its morning here in India), my headache and the pain everything has vanished.

To have a clear mind and a little bit of peace in it is the greatest gift one could ask for.

I cannot describe the 'peace' and the 'calm' i am experiencing in comparison to last night.

Now the challenge is to maintain this and not get into those circles and cycles.

Thankyou Dr for sharing your insights, i really enjoy reading them.

dr.alistair said...

yes, not getting into the circles and cycles is the key. the gift of being able to recognise the process is the foundation that allows us to move to the next feeling of joy. it is important to have a contrast though. all bliss, all the time would be a hell of immesurable proportions.
realising that everything rides a wave is a comfort in times of distress.
i `m glad you enjoy reading this stuff.
as our awareness grows and our energy focusses we become able to recognise pattern to situations that can nurture and to those that can harm. making the right choices takes effort too. even when we know with certainty what will happen.
that`s what it means to be human.

heidi said...

". . . .wether there is a small group of people deliberately scaring the shit out of people to control them is unproveable and if true, dangerous to investigate."

The pattern of recent 'U.S.'-instigated wars tracks the desperation of the 'leader' to get someone or something off his back. Strategy? Distract! Big problem? Distract BIG!

A film for you: Wag the Dog.

Relevant quote: "We need a war!"

Again, I was very pleased you took part in Marc's show. I hope you'll return soon and often.

dr.alistair said...

i enjoyed speaking with marc and his audience on saturday and would relish the opportunity to speak again. marc`s work is important in that it gives us the hope that we can stand up for ourselves. this is a basic need that we all have inside. his work helps us to recognise that. i would like to think that mine does too.
i am the clild that says "the emporor has no clothes".