Tuesday, January 03, 2006

thorny issue.


so what has this got to do with the absolute word of god? it`s more likely that the bureaucracy of the catholic church can`t take a joke.
it shows that they have a considerable amount of power in the media though.
we can understand that they recently apologised for torturing and killing half a million people during the inquisition. we can understand that they are having financial issues paying out the settlements in the lawsuits regarding the priests interering with young boys. we can understand that they think it`s a good idea that tribal africans don`t have access to condoms.
so i guess we`ll have to get used to the fact that they have enourmous power in the media and don`t have a sense of humour. hmmm, sounds like they haven`t really changed much since the inquisition.
i have this rule. if there`s no laughter it`s a danger sign. when we stop laughing it`s because something`s wrong. test it on yourself. smiling= happy. simple math.
now, south park isn`t entirely my cup of tea. i don`t encourage my children to watch it. they will watch the simpsons, futurama and family guy on occasion, but my personal view is that sometimes south park goes a little too far. with this in mind, i don`t think that everyone should have to take my position regarding south park or any other show or issue. i have a really cool device that came with my t.v.. an off switch. if you don`t like the damned show then don`t watch it. if you are a giant international movement (notice i didn`t say cult.) then use your network to spread the word that there is a small device on the t.v. that controls what comes on the screen. if you are sitting with your children or particularly sensitive adults then you can leap up and change the channel or even turn it off, if the need arises.
this approach is applicable to all manner of programming including some of the daft shit that is spouted by televangelists or catholic ministers or baptists on the religious channels. i watch until i can`t bear it anymore and then change the channel, or turn it off completely. hey, maybe there needs to be a little sticker on the remote that lets people know some of the more subtle uses for the device they`re holding in thier hand. it works for sports too, and soap operas and movies with alan alda in them and cnn and 20/20 and wolf blitzer and........well, you get the idea.

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