Friday, January 06, 2006

neurochemical reality.

we live in a state of emotion. without emotions we go to sleep. dull tedium of nothing that unemotionality provides is a robot state that allows repetitive tasking that industry offers as work. the curse of being alive is that repetitive tasks are intolerable to to the emotive state for any length of time. it is emotional death. we all need to accomplish work. art is work. thinking is work. building things is work.
there is a balance to be struck between repetetive tasking and involving ourselves in unstructured activities that allow feelings to be experienced.
i like the term "art for art`s sake." it suggests a prior organic resting state of "artness" that we can have a relationship with.
there are those who like the term "work for work`s sake". i have heard people say that there is a certain satisfaction in doing work, or completing a job, or seeing a job well done. i think these people are talking about art, but have taken work as a poor second choice.
granted, work pays the bills. if one cannot make art serve that purpose.
creativity and doing art are work. it is a type of work that creates something new as a result of effort. not only does it satisfy from a work standpoint but it can provide pleasure. take the pleasure out of art and you`ve got work again.
in the middle of all of this you have craft. the blend of a prior artistic effort and work. many people who consider themselves artists are actually craftsmen. we need craftsmen. the majority of everything standing in the world was done by craftsmen of one sort of another. but they are not artists.
artists are alive and prey to emotions at all points in thier conscious experience. craftsmen are lucid for periods in artistic ways, but have to switch off to do the repetitive work. any craftsman who, for whatever reason, stays switched on remains an artist and will continue to create outside of the need of the craftsman.
it comes down to how the mind processes the neurochemicals that create feelings in the body. craftsmen produce the chemicals in the brain that release pleasure when the job nears completion. the artist is experiencing pleasure from the begining. there are aspects of artist in the craftsman and vise versa. the craftsman will do the work of other artists, whereas the artist will not.
art is valued for this reason. it is a manifestation of individuality. the pure essense of character. pure emotion.
art isn`t created for any other reason than for it`s self. emotion= emotion. craft is engaged to add value.
art is for art`s sake. the craftsman`s work isn`t resolved until payment is recieved. therefore work for work`s sake doesn`t work. (ha ha.)

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