Wednesday, January 04, 2006

where is your mind?

it seems like an obvious question. but try to answer. think back to a time when you thought about this before.......or remember when you saw a rabbit when you were a child......imagine going down the rabbit hole after him. deeper and deeper you go,through twists and turns, past roots and rocks and sand and clay to his home. deep in the earth.
now where is your mind?
in a rabbit hole, or sitting at your keyboard. or both.
we have this idea that our mind sits inside the grey matter inside our skull. we have this concept tucked away for safekeeping and we don`t even know how it got thier. we assume that some smart people in science and religion discovered that it is kept there and we just went about our business and didn`t think any more about it.
in our dreams we go on adventures and experience and re-experience memories and fly and swim and become different people and imagine the preposterous and ridiculous and when we awake we are sometimes stunned by the recollection of the such experiences. does that all occur within the bounds of a bone box?
are you now of two minds about the whole idea, or are you convinced one way or the other? and where does the concept about being of two minds come from?
the magic of the mind is that it can support the idea of two minds and function in a state of two or even many minds together all having different sets of beliefs, emotions and personalities. the so-called multiple personality is that animal.
imagine that you see yourself walking along the street with friends or whatever. imagine that you are in a building across the road and you walk by. see what you are wearing, how you walk, what you are saying to the other people with you as you listen. from this vantage point you can see yourself differently, yet you are you, doing all the things you do, say and think. now imagine yourself sitting reading this. see what you see yourself doing now, how you are breathing, realise what you are thinking and what you will do next.
are there two of you now?
once we realise the flexibility of our consciousness we can begin to see that the mind is merely passing through the head. we have become so accustomed to only focussing on being behind the eyes that we have forgotten that we can percieve many different conscious vantage points.
where do you go when you drive ten miles past your exit on the highway? where is your mind then.
the mind is a flexible structure. the more we pull and twist and shape it, the more it remembers how to do so many different things. inside and outside the head.

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