Wednesday, January 18, 2006

bike ride.

o.k., so here`s the thing. i get on my bike and ride due east into the wind. it`s mostly downhill about five miles to lake ontario and then two miles back up to starbucks. turning south along lakeshore i`m now pedalling directly into the wind past the big houses on the lake. i come to turn west away from the lake and head to starbucks and find myself once again facing directly into a gusting wind.
after a light lunch and coffee at starbucks, and the prerequisite discussions, i once again rode. this time south directly into the gusting wind. i turned west finally to head home and for the last time found myself facing directly into gusts of wind accompanied with intermittant rain that threatened to turn to snow.
there are going to be days like this where no matter what you do or which way to turn you will be facing directly into the wind.
you`d better be in a position to make the best of it.

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