Friday, January 20, 2006

manifest destiny.

interesting term. it can be applied in a variety of ways. for me though it has always meant that what you see is what you get. what you envision mostly in your consciousness sends a signal to your system that that is what you want to happen.........and it does.
the thing is, we have so much clatter going on around us all the time that we miss the clues. we miss the opportunities to recognise that we are getting what we want right now.
the things we have happening in our lives are the things we`ve created and tolerated and allowed to manifest themselves here. many times we convince ourselves that these things are seperate from our self and created by others. that`s the illusion that we need to see past. it can`t be both. it can`t be a chaos of everyone contributing to a maelstrom of ideas and directions and desires and also a self-directed, focussed masifest destiny.
that would be hell.
if, as a part of our operating of the manifest destiny machine, we allow chaos and interferance from others, then that becomes a concrete part of our vision.
when we intend something with passionate force for long enough, it`s bound to happen.
how long is long enough?
until it happens.
how much force is nessesary?
more than you`re using now, unless you`ve got all that you want..........
there have been times in your life when things have happened precisely like i described above.
how do i know that?
because you wouldn`t have read this far otherwise.
look, it takes tremendous focus and determination to drive on. it`s not easy. especially because people deny that manifest destiny even exists. but we`ve seen it and felt it.
so let`s do it again.
crank up the best, most beautiful vision of something you want to happen and see it if you are certain it`s happening now.
do you see how it feels?
what are you doing in this endevour?
what benifit is there in this?
are you certain this is happening?
i`ll tell you how you know that you`ve picked the right thing. you will know because you`ve always known. it`s the reason why you are here right now asking and searching for answers. it has to be this way because it can`t happen any other way.
go inside and see yourself there hearing sounds, seeing people and things going on and feeling it happening with absolute certainty.
what does that feel like?
recognise the feeling?
get familiar with that feeling because that`s the feeling that will create the spell to make all of that stuff real.
it always has for everyone who has donw it long enough to make thier dreams real.
how long is long enough?
just long enough to make it happen.


stop2think said...

You need to create room for positive thoughts before you can manifest your desires thorugh creative visualization. Naturally what occupies your mind will take shape in your life. One by one, everything that you don't want or fear will appear. You can stop this cycle by ignoring negative thoughts. Let negative thoughts come through but do not pay attention or get emotional about what it says. When you ignore it for the first time, it will reappear in another guise to catch you off-guard. Be vigilant and avoid engaging. Slowly but surely the cycle will lose momentum and eventually stop altogether. When you remove negative thoughts from your mind, there will be more room for positive ones. By process of elimination you will fill your mind with positive and uplifting thoughts, ready to take form as your desires.

dr.alistair said...

yes. well put......letting the universe sort it all out. thanks for the post.