Monday, January 09, 2006

lets get metaphysical.

metaphysics is the study of things greater than the physical reality we know on earth through the five senses. it could be refered to as the kinesthetic view of reality in that it is an explenation, or at least an attempt to explain what we all feel and yet may not be able to articulate. we feel that there is more to everything than we can grasp, yet our "common" sense says no, the ground is solid beneath our feet and the speed of light is consistant, relative to the observer.
yet there are persistant gimpses of a world that seems to move just outside of our ability to get a good look at it.
we are told that we are seperate, individual people and that we are alone here and that we move freely without connection to eachother, free of communication but for the time we are physically close. bell`s theorum states that a particle, an atom or quark of whatever measureable packet of energy, once coming into contact with another particle, will always remain in contact with that other particle. no matter how far apart they travel or for how long.
bell proved this in elaborate tests with particles in a lab predicted by some unbelieveably complex math. the particles had knowledge of the state of thier partner at all times. not just at the speed of light either. immediately. so here`s a special case for knowledge or awareness breaking the light barrier.
consciousness is emotional transfer of awareness or knowledge. to become conscious, that is to transduce reality, or to get the information sent, we have to have a feeling.
without the feelings there is no recognition.
my own solution to the puzzle of how these particles display instantanious communication over distance is that they, like our consciousness, are transdimentional.
take a deep breath. let it out.
time and distance and the measurement of these values is contained in three dimensional space. with the fourth one making everything move about and behaving paradoxically, at the quantum level. if we go up a dimension and make all time now,.............then everything happens together and we are all one thing.
maybe it`s our brain`s three dimensional bias that we see along the time line one point at a time that messes up our ability to see the truth of our connectedness.
the odd thing is that we get flashes of the connectedness and the fourth dimensionality of it all and, bang, it all makes sense again for a second or two.
we`ve all had moments like that when we have realisation that things are o.k. and we feel attached to the trees, the flowers, the sky and the stars at night and to eachother and we just............aaaaahhhhhhh, relax and smile, knowing that this is a trick of some enourmous magnitude and we must be dreaming.
we really don`t have much choice in the matter, do we?

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