Thursday, January 19, 2006

catholics strike again.
so where should intelligent design be taught? religion has had thousands of years in the "conventional" view of things. "science" has been here for quite a while too. intellegent design, which in my mind raises some interesting points, fleshed out here; needs to hold the course for a few years as a seperate position.
there are those who say that intelligent design is merely creationism is disguise but, in my mind, there is a distinction here. creationism encompasses big bangs, seven days of creating the universe, light, darkness, etc. whereas intelligent design is saying that man was engineered. the website linked above clarifies this far better than i can. it says the there is a distinction between micro and macro evolution the science doesn`t adress, it says that we don`t need a supernatural reason to explain human existance. it says that science has the tools right now to rationalise the fact that human dna is vastly different to any other species on the planet.
intelligent design, as long as it doesn`t gravitate to religious fundimentalism is a great way for students and people in general to ask critical questions of a scientific community the mumbles about big bangs, dark matter and missing links. they patronise us as if we can`t think for ourselves and challenge clearly falacious positions like humans evolving from monkies.
one fact; we have one less chromasome pair than monkeys. they have 24 pairs, we have 23.......
mutation that would cause a species to mutate at the chromasome level doesn`t ever create a new functional species. we all know what it creates.
if science can get by that then we have something to talk about.


heidi said...

random thoughts, a recitative

there are species of consciousness.

consciousness seeks fulfillment of its values.

consciousness creates matter.

consciousness perceives matter ("...and God said, It is good").

in response to its own creations, its values evolve; consciousness is not static.

as its values permutate, their material expression (the 'body,' the 'world') reflects those changes.

in this way we {create ourselves} / {are created} in each moment, ANEW.

think... pulsar

think particles which appear and disappear rhythmically, which however appear to the ego consciousness (with which we primarily identify) as always on or off... always either physical or not physical. alive, we 'exist.' dead, we do not 'exist.' in sleep we visit the self, it is translated into dreams, it is reinterpreted upon waking... if we are not averse to remembering.

the world itself blinks on and off, in a frequency we are taught to ignore soon after we are 'born.'

the sun rises and sets
rain falls and evaporates
we sleep and wake
we are born and die
my heart beats, blood circulates out then in, eyelids open and close
all acts of consciousness, a sine wave flowing

the seeds of races are in the dark wave, their flowering is in the light
they come and go according to their uttermost desires
along the sine centerline is the intersection... the creche.

dr.alistair said...

yeah....we are a harmonic of the intersection between the consciousness and matter. live timothy leary said, "tune in....." the tuner is neuro-chemical. the dial is a smile.