Tuesday, January 17, 2006

love is the drug.

i recently had a session with a client who was rejected rather harshly after a two month relationship. the partner had rejected my client with little explenation and, up until our session, no futher contact.
my client was torn up by this abrupt end to things and was exhibiting classic simptoms of blaming, negotiating and imagining reasons. all things designed to protect the mind and body from the withdrawl from the neuro-peptide bath that the relationship had immersed my clients hypothalamus in.
the alternative was to begin the extremely painful withdrawl from this "love" and expose the hypothalamus to the alternative cold, lonely, desperate feelings illicited as the receptor sites of the hypothalamus die.
the cure? other neuro-transmitter doses.
some immerse themselves in thier career, some find surrogate relationships, which for obvious reasons are doomed to failure, some harm themselves and some are able to cope on a rational basis rather quickly. such is the variety of the human animal and his neurochemistry.
to discuss love as a neurotransmitter process may seem to some to trivialise the state. i think it does precisely the opposite. it allows one to understand the power of emotions and helps to lend insight when terrible pain is experienced.
it gives some hope of being able to recover and heal from the loss of the thing that keeps us together as a species.
the most successful one on the face of the planet.
there is a great deal more to this love state, but that`s another story..........

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