Friday, January 06, 2006

vast artistic scope.
this is a classic example of abstractions of effort and work. it may not be to everyone`s taste and frankly a six hundred odd year long musical composition is outside of the scope of my value of music, but the fact remains that it falls into domain of art. and for it`s own sake it is fully resolved. it riminds me of the guys who wrapped a huge building in coloured canvas. millions of square feet of it. a tremendous feat of engineering as well as very cool to see. people travelled from all over the world to experience the event.
art is the repository of culture and a predictor of the future. the chinese knew this in the sixties when they destroyed art and jailed, tortured and killed artists, intellectuals and pretty much anyone but the very afraid. only then could they be successful dictators.
any society represses and limits art is heading for dictatorship.
technocrats are deathly afraid of artists and thier ability to call the technocrat`s game. only fearful craftsmen can survive in tyranny.

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