Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the gospel according to dr.alistair.............

well, here it is, the beta version of the gospel according to dr.alistair. it is laid out in typically stream-of-consciousness fashion, because that`s how it happens in my head and how it goes into yours. beta testing means that you guys are the guinea pigs or lab rats, depending on your preference. i expect feedback because this is a lab experiment, this thing called life, and if we are to thrive we need to communicate......
so here goes.
1. we get what we think about most.
2.run.jogging is for pussies.
3.as much as plants make a viable food source for humans, try to get some meat. the protien density and chemistry of meat is ideally suited to supporting our bodies and brains.
4.stay as far away from political debate as possible. your opinion does not matter.
5.generate as much love as you possibly can, every time you remember to.
6.force a smile. the next one won`t be.
7.save for a rainy day.
8.look people right in the eye and say what you mean to. (practice often.)
9.the only solution is spiritual.
10.diets will kill you. we consume enough calories to run body function, operate our brains and repair damage to tissues. all other calories are stored as fat. know how much food you need to satisfy the above criteria and don`t eat any more. if you find yourself unable to stop eating, deal with the underlying anxiety. my relaxation cd is for sale at www.tools4change.ca it will help.
anyone who complexifies the simple mechanism of diet described above is lying to you and thier advice has the potential to do harm, unless you are suffering from a medical condition. in which case a doctor will help.
11. don`t watch t.v. television is a device whereby large corporations hypnotise you and then expose your sleeping mind to endless streams of commercials. look in your kitchen. do you have a rational explenation for the existance of most of the things in there? how about your garage? basement? are you planning a garage sale soon?
12.spend as little time as possible around people you cannot be unconditionally nice to.
13.do some physcal exercise. i did a simple exercise plan for the senior soccer league that i play in. you can watch it here.
i suggest begining by doing the movements without weight and progressing slowly. the benifits gained from this sort of training are ligament and tendon strength. farm strength. it wont build buscle. you will be able to pick the groceries out of the car more easily and picking your children up wont be a problem..... and if you are an athlete, your game will improve.
14.remember that we are all connected as one consciousness. it makes decisions simpler when we think this way.

that `s it for now. there will be more to come.


martin said...

what about spending lots of time reading blogs on the web? ;)

dr.alistair said...

absolutely. it makes sense that we see what is going on in the village.

heidi said...

wisdom brings smiles. you wrote a few of those 'verses' just for me ;->

One question: should the linked mpg include ".ca"?



dr.alistair said...

yeah, .ca it is! i`m glad someone is paying attention. i`ll edit it now.