Sunday, August 06, 2006


i was saddened and angered when i read about this when it happened initially. to me, it symbolised all that is wrong with the pathological intent of fundementalist religions. the love and devotion that went into the carving of those statues from the living rock it`s self destroyed with the flick of a weapon trigger. and so they will kill people too...............for a belief.
i have a friend, jay, who was a lebanese military officer. he fought in the civil war in lebanon and today he and his son played soccer with us and i wanted to tell him how sorry i was that his country is being torn apart along with his countrymen but the sentiment was too strong. i just took heart in knowing that, for at least the time he was on the field today with his boy, that he was happy.
we still beat his team 4-1. this is soccer, after all.

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