Tuesday, August 15, 2006

moving day.

well today is the day i move. powerful forces are at work here. so many things are happening that i couldn`t possibly have imagined, predicted or even wished for. i am in awe of the majesty of the creative force of love at work. my friends have been incredible and opportunities are emerging perfectly...........
i am grateful and humbled to be experiencing this at a time when my heart is heavy with memories of past seperations, departures and leaving.
this time is different because i`m focusing on the love and potential of everything. i have been preparing for this moment for so very long........my whole life.
i guess we all are one way or another.
there is a saying that i found on a card once. it says; "leap......and the net will appear".
i have lept.


anu said...

My best wishes to you

dr.alistair said...

thank you.....and to you too.