Friday, August 04, 2006

love for the self.

we get to a point where we recognise the self as a valuable entity, either intellectually or through faith or frankly having no other choice.....and we realise that some things are capable of so much pain that they need to be avoided. it is not the people involved or the environments in which things happen and in which people exist. it is how we react to the situations and those people.
people deserve thier space and thier time to do what they need to do to get on with thier lives. when we become involved with others there are many complex dynamics that come into play that very quickly become impossible to comprehend.
don`t even begin to try.
realise that some things cannot be changed.
accept things.
they are precious and contain the potential for so much joy.
to begin to manipulate people and situations so that your inability to deal with the situation is never challenged is, well, a guarantee of more pain.
love yourself enough to let go and honour the love in others too.

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