Saturday, August 12, 2006

what anu said........

anu reminded me of something so simple and yet powerful. the love you give is the love you recieve. i work every day to love myself, forgive myself and honour, feed and respect myself unconditionally. anu says that my new friend is a reflection of that coming back to me.

bless you anu.


anu said...

Dr. you said it so well here :) Thank you for your kind words and blessings.

Dr. i feel, it is not what your coffee friend feels that matters here. It is what you feel that matters. But if we focused on what she feels, that clouds our minds with doubts (for only she knows what she feels..noone else), and we are projecting our attention outside.

And how may we create our reality when we are focussed on another and projecting our attention outside of ourselves?

It is time to 'allow' that love to flow into your life Dr. For all the selfless service you've been doing here (and probably elsewhere) and igniting the love-spark in others, it is time to allow that love to grow inside you(us) and not let it cloud your (our) mind with doubts and insecurities of the past.

You've created a beautiful magnificient the form of your gorgeous coffee friend. How did you do it Dr? Did you plan to land there at starbucks before she came in or conspire to be there the first time you met her?

No. It just happnned effortlessly becoz of all the work you're doing on yourself. So just allow the gifts of the universe to flow into your life...effortlessly. You've attracted her into your life. You've created her in your life (as much as she has in her life).

Trust that if you could this (without even trying) you surely know how to take it forward. Trust the reality you're creating (trusting is creating without fearing) and focus on what you're creating in the 'NOW'. By doing that, you'll notice more and learn more about yourself and her, this in turn will shape your relationship with her, in your best interest :)

Blessed be you Dr.

dr.alistair said...

i forgot, in the confusion, that i was the one.
it`s frightening to think how i could have chosen to avoid her.............
no, i would never have done that.
create, recognise, honour.
it`s good to be alive.