Saturday, August 19, 2006

lack of postings.

i am in the middle of moving, going to court and trying to keep my sanity and so my postings will be minimal until i can get everything settled.
remember; we make this reality.............the proof is there, you just have to keep looking. when it finally comes you will be amazed. it comes in the form of subtle clues, the smallest of coincedances. these occurances are signpost that you are going in the right direction. coincedances can be remarkable and staggering in thier intensity at times though.........prophetic. just be sensitive to the rhythm of these events and accept and nurture your sensitivity to them. you will begin to attract more as you do.
pretty soon you will be able to know with certainty where your life is going and how you are going to get there.
you will also be brave enough to make the choices necessary to get there.
i think that the biggest coincedance is that it`s all happening to me, all the time.
do you find that too?
tip for the day;
when you decide to go looking for yourself and want to travel and study and explore, just realise that you are always right here. now.


rama said...

All the best, from a fellow-dweller in the here and now! Best, rama

Anonymous said...

The best way is to wait for something to grow or happen.
What comes naturally maybe more useful or exiting than the life you imagine or plan it to be. Just be. Be. Don't worry, be happy.

anu said...

I hope you're doing fine, Dr.

dr.alistair said...

thanks rama.i have managed to get access to my blog again and am getting my thoughts back together for posting, in the ever present here and now.