Monday, August 07, 2006

powerful test.

i do go on at length about how we store and process information in our heads. i cleverly point out that we see pictures and we hear voices in our minds and we get feelings as a result..........and this is true, but there is something that i have never really delved into here so much until recently as i have been faced with a personal crisis. the power of strong feelings for someone not ready to reciprocate.
so i have to knuckle down to the harsh reality of dissecting my own internal sub-modalities in regard to this other person and methodically diminish all of the stimulus that she has provided me over the space of the last few weeks.
i have diminished the pictures of her in my mind, turned down her voice and watched the feelings that those images triggered diminish in kind.
each time i do this the feelings receed further and over time i will forget how she made me feel.
and tomorrow the sun will rise in the east and all will be well.


rama said...

Dear Friends

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Best regards


Anonymous said...

Is it really that simple ?

anu said...

I'm glad you're feeling better now Dr.

dr.alistair said...

well.............there are good and there are bad days. i am love sick. the diminishing of feelings works to get me through my days, but then tuesday comes and i see her again and we talk and sit together and smile and it all starts over again.
a good friend of mine said that i have to realise that she has the same feelings too. she deals with them differently.
i was staggered.
what a crazy ride it is with a girl who can do that.
i am still living in the house with my ex though.
`til tuesday.

anu said...

Dr? is it possible to feel the joy and anticipation of meeting her and live that moment, yet maintain the inner calmness.

Have you tried deep breathing to calm the mind. Becoz isnt it the past which is haunting us here? The past which is living and breathing into your beautiful present?

See these young teenagers, are always falling in love and falling out of it. But when we are young, we are so full of life and ourselves that we get energy to deal with it, i guess.

You know? I've been doing deep breathing exercises (Pranayam)every morning and it has helped me to relax myself and kind of centre myself.

I feel she definetly has feelings for you, is what i feel :)


dr.alistair said...

yes, the deep breathing helps. i am able to keep myself together around her though.....that`s the funny thing. she says i`m so calm. it`s all i can do not to scream out my feelings. there are moments where i wish she would tell me that she has a boyfriend or something. i would sincerely understand........
she has feelings for me though..........i know that. whether they are enough remains to be seen.

thank you anu, for your kind words.